Buying a radio Station
Buying a radio Station, a DVD video guide to buying your first.
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Radio Station for Sale

Have you been looking for this phrase? Always had a dream of owning your own radio station? Thought it was something only people with lots of money to burn could do?

Well, it IS possible to own a radio station even if you are just a little guy. In fact, there are a lot of stations owned and operated by individuals all over the US.

Whether you are experienced in radio or not, you can be an 'owner/operator' of a radio station. Yes, there are only 13 or 14 thousand stations in the US. But most people are intimidated and think that it's a nice fantasy but it could never really happen.

I know. I used to be one of those people. I remember sitting at work with friends talking about how radio in our area stinks or how we could develop the perfect format, and on and on. I knew no one would ever hire me and worse I could never afford a real station.

But I have learned many things since then. Owning a radio station is possible even if you have a full time job - really. And buying a radio station, even if you don't own a house, but live in an apartment - can be done. I know - I've done it and help others do it. If you are interested in a small to medium market station, it may be easier than you think because few people know that small and medium market stations are available.

Buying a radio station
Buying a radio station DVD
Buying a radio station DVD with visa, mastercard or eCheck
If you are serious and willing to put in some work, I can prove to you stations are available all over. In fact in the members area, there is a list of stations that MAY be available. Today the list is over 100 stations. But no one is gonna give them to you. Don't be intimidated. Don't feel like a dummy. Learn the basics of what to expect and how to get started.

You CAN own and operate a real, legal, FCC-licensed radio station. Too many people think it is impossible and don't even bother to look further. Don't wait years and look back saying 'if I only knew...' Watch as Kevin explains the business and the process of finding and buying a radio station to you in this DVD. You'll be ready to start looking tomorrow and you will know where to look, what to ask, how much to offer and who to call... and you will know what you are talking about!

Buying a Radio Station covers:
  • What you need to know to get started
  • 5 factors to focus on when looking
  • What to budget for
  • Ways to find Radio stations for sale
  • 1 method only experienced buyers use to find stations
  • Assessing the condition of the potential stations
  • Ways to determine price
  • Questions to ask a seller
  • Looking at a station's market and if it has a future
  • Analyzing a station's sales and what they mean for you
  • Using a Broker and Attorney
  • Financing Options
  • Equipment overview and what equipment to expect
  • FCC Compliance before and after the sale
  • Radio Station Format - what to know
  • and more...
Watch the DVD again whenever you want to catch anything you missed...

Whether you are dreaming of owning your own radio station or serious about it, you will learn everything you need to know on this DVD. Even if your friends and family think you're nuts, this DVD will show you it's possible.

This DVD will go step-by-step to explain how to find a station you can afford, make sure it is viable and not a dog to avoid, analyze its sales (if any), and how to determine it the station will work for you and then determine its price or value - then go through the purchase process!

It's better and less expensive than an hour of consulting. Watch it again whenever you want to refresh yourself or catch anything you missed...

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A few comments from others

Pound-for-pound, your DVD is the un-official road map to get started in a business where no one (in the radio business) wants to tell you about.
D Rink - North Carolina

The DVD was very informative and walks you through the process in easy to follow terms so that anyone from the wantabe owner or a seasoned professional can understand.
BP - Tennessee

I appreciate your insight and the fact you are still "true" to the Radio game.

Kevin's Radio Station For Sale DVD is the only informational DVD I've ever seen that [answers] every one of my questions that I've ever had about radio.

Now Shipping. Click To Order your DVD today! Buying a radio station DVD with visa, mastercard or eCheck
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